Ophalmology Health Center

Our practice was founded in 2001, by surgeon Dr. Stratos Gotzaridis, who specializes in surgical retina problems, and medical retinal deseases such as diabetic retinopathies,
AMD and uveitis.

Regular visits to the doctor ensure the full health of your eyes, as various serious opthalmological deseases show no early symptoms which warn the patient.

In case of sudden pain, loss of vision or light flashes, the patient should visit an eye doctor, or even better an eyehealth center as soon as possible.

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Therapeutic Section

In our practice you can solve any retina, vitreous or macula problem.

Diagnostic Section

The spectral optical coherence tomography (S-OCT) is a new eye imaging and diagnostic method.


Vitrectomy is a type of eye surgery that is used to treat retina, macula and vitreous problems.


Someday, most people may notice a loss of their vision, floaters or light flashes.

Contact us

You can find our Practice at Vasilisis Sofias 66 Ave., Athens, Greece
Opposite the Megaro Mousikis METRO station.

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