Our practice was founded in 2001, by surgeon Dr. Stratos V. Gotzaridis, who specializes in surgical retina problems, and medical retinal deseases such as diabetic retinopathies,
AMD and uveitis.

Regular visits to the doctor ensure the full health of your eyes, as various serious opthalmological deseaeses show no early symptoms which warn the patient.

In case of sudden pain, lose of vision or light flashes, the patient should visit a doctor, or even better an eyehealth center as soon as possible.



Our Center

Success Rates

Retinal detachment
Final restoration → 98,7%!

Μacular hole, final
restoration → 100%!

Epiretinal Membrane → Final Restoration 100%!
Lameral Hole → research in progress, results will be presented soon


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Opthalmology Health Center


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