The chalazion is a slight bulging of the eyelid and is caused by the obstruction of a gland, which is called meibomian. This gland contains an oily substance which is mixed with the tears, so as to prevent tears evaporation.


Chalazion symptoms

• Bulging of the upper or the lower eyelid
• Redness
• Sensitive and painful eyelids

Chalazion diagnosis

Usually the patients are referred to the ophthalmologist when they observe an eyelid's bulging or pain.

The ophthalmologist can diagnose the chalazion under the eyelid's ophthalmological examination.

Chalazion therapy

At the primary stages, the chalazion can be cured at home with repeated warm compresses for 15-20 minutes. Then the patients are advised to wash gently their eyelids and eyelashes, as well as do a mild massage of the eyelids, so as to relieve the eyelid's pain.

However, in case of reappearance of the chalazion, or if the symptoms do not recede, then the ophthalmologist decides the chalazion's surgical removal, accompanied with antibiotics prescription.

Success Rates

Retinal detachment
Final restoration → 98,7%!

Μacular hole, final
restoration → 100%!

Epiretinal Membrane → Final Restoration 100%!
Lameral Hole → research in progress, results will be presented soon


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