Cystoid macular οedema

Cystoid macular oedema (CMO) occurs secondary after an ophthalmic disorder, trauma or rarely after an eye operation. There is a fluid which accumulates through the retinal layers, causing blurry vision and paramorphopsia of the central visual field. CMO rarely causes permanent vision loss.


Cystoid Macular OedemaCystoid Macular Oedema

Vision restoration is often a low, gradual process. The majority of patients restore their vision in 2-15 months either they are under treatment or not. In the above photograph, the oedema is represented as yellow spots (arrow) on the macula.

Cystoid Macular Oedema Symptoms

• Blurry central visual field
• Paramorphopsia (Straight lines seem to be curved)
• Visual field has a pink tint
• Sensitivity in light conditions

Cystoid Macular Oedema Diagnosis

Cystoid macular oedema cannot be diagnosed easily through a typical ophthalmological examination. The diagnosis is often based on the patient’s symptoms. There is also a special examination called fluoroangiography, which uses a pigment intravenously.

A non invasive, useful examination is also the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). Through this examination the ophthalmologist or the optometrist can confirm the presence of the oedema.



OCT: Normal MaculaOCT: Normal Macula

OCT: Cystoids macula Oedema (CMO)OCT: Cystoids macula Oedema (CMO)


Cystoid macular oedema treatment

The first and most important attempt for the CMO treatment is the administration of anti-inflammatory drops.

In some cases, the medication is injected in the back part of the eye for more concentrated and targeted action. Ophthalmologist may prescribe also oral medication in synergy with eye drops.

Recently, intrabulbar injections (triamcinolone) offer spectacular results in recent created cystoid macular oedemas. In addition, intrabulbar injections of anti-vascular agents have encouraging therapeutic effects.


Success Rates

Retinal detachment
Final restoration → 98,7%!

Μacular hole, final
restoration → 100%!

Epiretinal Membrane → Final Restoration 100%!
Lameral Hole → research in progress, results will be presented soon


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