A new vitrectomy probe featuring novel geometry and an ultra-high cutting speed will enable vitreoretinal surgeons to perform manoeuvres with greater safety, said Stratos Gotzaridis MD at the 16th EURETINA Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The ULTRAVIT® 10k (Alcon) probe has a bevelled tip and delivers 10,000 cuts per minute (cpm) via dual pneumatic drive technology in 23, 25+, and 27+ gauge series. It is used with the CONSTELLATION® Vision System (Alcon) with the CR4 premium software upgrade.

The term floaters refers to the existence of dark spots in vision, which can be very annoying. Their appearance is caused by vitreous fiquidation and their treatment is controversial. Surgical interventions are available but are only rarely offered to select patients with symptomatic primary floaters. This is because many vitreoretinal surgeons consider floaterectomy unnecessary cosmetic surgery with all its associated risks.

UK medics lead Europe’s first embryonic stem cell trial

By Fergus Walsh Medical correspondent (22 September 2011)

Patients sleeping in a low-lit room may find that the changes in diabetic macular oedema (DME) are reversed, claims a study in Eye.